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Publix Partners

The Publix Partners program allows schools to earn money whenever a customer shops at Publix using the school’s Publix Partners card.

Here’s how you can help JV Washam:

  1. Pick up a JV Washam Publix Partners card (key fob) in the Parent Center

  2. Show the cashier your Publix Partners card at the beginning of your transaction. Cards cannot be accepted after the order has been totaled.

Your card is good at participating Publix stores in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


The cards are not tied to your name or your phone number.  They are simply tied to JV Washam, so anyone can use them. 


Here’s an idea: Pickup extra cards and give them to family and friends in the states listed above.


We have been earning an average of over $500 per year from this program.


Visit for more information.

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