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The Shoparoo program offers schools money in return for pictures of your shopping receipts.  It was developed by former teachers and retail executives who found a novel way of matching schools' need for financial support with major consumer brands' need for market research. When you use the Shoparoo app to raise money for our school, your receipt data, along with any answers you provide to optional surveys, is made anonymous and summarized in market research reports that brands purchase.

Here’s how you can help JV Washam:

  1. Download the Shoparoo app to your smart phone and choose JV Washam as your school.

  2. Snap pictures of your shopping and dining receipts.

  3. Participate in surveys whenever they are offered – this is the fastest way to earn points!

You can submit receipts from any restaurant or retailer.  If the store sells groceries, we will receive a cash donation.  Otherwise, we will receive an entry into Shoparoo’s monthly $1000 sweepstakes and its yearly $15,000 sweepstakes.


You must submit your receipt within 14 days of the transaction date.

We have been earning an average of $177 per year from this program.


Visit for more information.

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