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Labels for Education

The Labels for Education program provides money for schools based on the number of valid labels we collect and send in.   Labels can be found on hundreds of products including Campbell’s, Swanson, V8, Pepperidge Farm, Pace, and many more.  A complete list of participating products can be found at

Here’s how you can help JV Washam:

1. Clip and save UPCs with the Labels for Education logo.  It must include both the logo and the UPC.

2. Put labels into a sealed envelope or zip-top bag.  Include your child’s name and teacher’s name in order to take part in our yearly contests.

3. Place the bag or envelope into the School Rewards collection bin found in the main hallway outside the Parent Center (just past the Front Office).

4. You may combine Labels for Education and Box Tops in the same envelope/bag.

We must mail in the labels in order to receive credit.  In order to decrease the weight, and thus the cost, of the shipment, your School Rewards committee works very hard to clip any extra material from your labels.  While this is absolutely not necessary, you could help by clipping your labels of any extra material before sending them in.

The Labels for Education program is ending after this year, so collect all you can, and submit them by the end of the year.  Thank you!


Visit for more information.

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