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Kellogg's Family Rewards

The Kellogg's Family Rewards Program allows consumers to earn points for purchasing Kellogg's brand products. You can connect store loyalty cards to your account and/or upload your shopping receipts.  There will also be bonus opportunities from time to time.  You can then redeem your accumulated points as a monetary donation to our school.

Here’s how you can help JV Washam:

  1. Create an account on

  2. Connect your store loyalty cards to your account.

  3. Submit receipts of your Kellogg's brand purchases.

  4. Enter codes for bonus points you receive in email.

  5. Accumulate points and when you have enough, you can redeem them for donations to JV Washam. (Currently, 8,000 points will buy a $5 donation)

  • Click "Rewards" and choose "Donations to Schools and Charities"​

  • Choose the option to donate to a school

  • You will receive an email which will give you a code and will lead you to a page on where you can search for "J V Washam Elementary School" and redeem that code as a donation to our school.

    • There is also a Kula account for "J V Washam Elementary PTO", but this account cannot accept the Kellogg's donations.  If you are currently a supporter of the "PTO" account on Kula, you might receive an error message when trying to redeem the Kellogg's points.  If so, simply un-support the "PTO" account before submitting the code and then you can re-support it again as soon as it's done.​

*** Please note: there is nothing to clip and send to school.

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